Riding Ortegal waves

You have numerous beaches to surf in Ortegal. Some of them work with shallow waters, others with deeper waters.  All the states of the tide and wind directions have their possibilities. 

However, Esteiro beach, in Mañón, is remarkable for its consctancy throughout the summer. In Espasante, Ortigueira, there are two beaches you can surf: San Antonio, for calmer days, and A Concha, very sheltered and recommendable for the months with more windstorms. Fornos beach, in Cariño, breaks very few times during the year and needs the waves of the bigger winter windstorms.

Consult the offer of Ortegal Surf Escola

Ride in nature

Do you like animals? Equestrian activities? Then you must know Ortigueira, at the heart of Ortegal region, riding a horse. It is one of the most original choices, which will allow you to connect to yourself through nature and animals.

There are different routes on horse, with different difficulty levels to suit all visitors. They go along treks and roads, into forests, to waterfalls and viewpoints which will amaze us with every step. Restorated mills as Ponte Noval, which tell us about a very present past, when people resorted to them for grinding the grain obtained from their lands. We will ride in the so-called mountains of the mist in Serra da Faladoira and we will feel a little freer next to those animals bred free in these spots of our land.

Additionally, if you prefer to enjoy a horseriding lesson at the premises this is another option, along with a visit to an animal farm where you can interact with them.

A unique enriching experience which will make your visit to Ortegal an especial memory.

Consult the horseriding routes in the next link: Granxa do Souto

Let yourself be led along our routes

Local companies can offer you a series of guided routes through Ortegal, with walking routes on the coastline or across the mountain. Thanks to the support of professionals you will have access to curious facts about material and immaterial cultural heritage, knowing the local legends and traditions.

There are tourist packs with visits to organizations and learning sessions, natural spaces suitable for photography and other routes where you can know the history of this region and of Galicia, its singular elements, and even identify algae, birds or tree species.

Consult companies to go on routes with: Roteiros Lexendarios and Singular Traveler

Get on board a sailing adventure

Do you want to go kayaking? They are very stable and let you go at your own pace. Or do you prefer to sail on a boat? Now is your chance, in Ortegal you have choices that can meet your needs.

Several local companiesincluding Actividades Estaca, Rutas Cedeira and Queres Vela?  are engaged in carying out sea activities in the territory. Their years of experience will make your visit something special: kayaking routes in O Barqueiro estuary, sailing georroutes in the Cedeira estuary or boat rides in Cariño estuary are some of the offers.

Visit their website and decide which activity you fancy!

Actividades Estaca
Rutas Cedeira